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Magnet Information

School Vision:

The Vision of 74th Street & Gifted Magnet School is to provide a safe, caring environment with a challenging curriculum based on high expectations and standards.  All children will achieve their highest potential in addition to developing a positive self-image and respect for others.

We are dedicated to providing our gifted and high ability scholars with unique educational opportunities to become part of a global community that changes and has a meaningful impact on the world as we know it. 

Our Magnet Coordinator, Sherylin Jones, alongside our Magnet teachers work together to ensure our gifted and high ability scholars are consistently challenged in a way that helps to continue to build both their confidence and abilities.

Looking to keep your Scholar challenged? 

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Theresa Brissett 1st Gr. Magnet Teacher (NBCT)
Julia Keplinger 4th Gr. Magnet Teacher
5th Gr.
Magnet Teacher
Dawn McGhee 2nd Gr. Magnet Teacher (NBCT)
Shilise Stafford 3rd Gr. Magnet Teacher (NBCT)